BLC registered in the state register of accredited higher education institutions

"Banja Luka College" received institutional reaccreditation and accreditation of study programs, and was entered in the state register of accredited higher education institutions. The reaccreditation and accreditation process lasted less than two years in BiH, and the External Evaluation Commission visited BLC in May 2019. During its visit, the Commission checked whether all quality criteria and standards in the field of higher education were met.

Activities related to reaccreditation were carried out by BLC within the prescribed period and on time, and it was accredited for the maximum accreditation period of five years.

Therefore, this is promising for BLC students whose diplomas have been and will be recognized in the world, because BLC is the first higher education institution that received accreditation back in 2012 and is continuously working to improve the quality of education.

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