The library of BLC has a fund that is greater than 2000 library units of monographic publications in the field of economics and other social, humanistic, and natural sciences from which the teaching process is carried out. Of that number, about 1,980 library units are domestic monographic publications, and about 20 library units are in foreign languages. The library also has 52 professional magazine titles, of which 50 are in Serbian and 2 are in foreign languages. In 2014, the Library acquired 420 new titles. The library carries out exchanges with university and faculty libraries in the region, which contributes to the richness and diversity of the library fund.
The BLC library also has the necessary technical equipment for use and access (fast and efficient computers for searching and 24-hour Internet access).
BLC provided students with access to the EBSCO database. The EBSCO information service is a database that contains electronic journals, newspapers, and books from almost all areas of human knowledge (fields of technology, medicine, economics, sports, etc.). The EBSCO database provides online access to more than a hundred databases, 20,000 scientific and professional magazines and daily newspapers of the world's most famous titles. The database is accessed exclusively from the IT office, through the Mozilla Firefox Browser, by clicking on Bookmarks - ebscohost.
The library is also subscribed to the INFOTEK database of all legal regulations published in the official gazettes and gazettes of the country.
Processing of library material is done according to international bibliographic standards (ISBD) with the help of the SENAYAN (SLiMS) program. SENAYAN (SLiMS) Open Source Software is an application (OSS) for the needs of web services based on the automation of libraries on a small and large scale. Senayan is licensed under the GPLv3 which guarantees freedom, modification and distribution (rights to use, study, reproduce...). We adapted the SENAYAN (SLiMS) application to our needs with additional modification and translation.
Senaian includes functions: public access to the online catalog (OPAC) with generated thumbnails (display of book covers); record details are also available in XML (Extensible Markup Language) format for the needs of other web services; support management of multimedia documents (flv,.. mp3) and digital documents; provides multilingual selection; complex search reports (number of books, number of members, number of transactions, number of reservations...). Searching the entire library collection is possible through the BLC website. The library is part of the academic computer network.

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