College magazine

College magazine is a student magazine and is a real opportunity to gain valuable experience in print media, its main goal is to be the voice of all students, primarily students of the Media and Communication study program.
The variety of topics and types of news published in Colleg magazine are an example of how the magazine is open to everyone, regardless of their personal interests. Therefore, the magazine makes sure to let everyone who is not at BLC know what students and professors do at this university, as well as how students can achieve their goals. For this reason, students from the fields of Informatics, Tourism, Cultural Management, Business Economics, Finance and Banking find their place in the magazine, along with indispensable students from Journalism and Multimedia.
We believe that writing is the most prestigious, and in fact the only tool for future media workers, and writing experience can only be gained through practice, which prepares the student for better navigation in business.
College magazine serves for students to express their opinion, to show what they have learned, what they know and what they are ready to do.
The editorial staff of the College magazine is made up of a select team, and everyone who wants to is welcome, because without active students, none of this would have happened. College magazine belongs to the students and depends on their involvement.
In addition to the printed edition, the College magazine also has its own Facebook page, where daily news and information important to students are posted, and they practically constitute an unlimited media space that we do not neglect with the printed edition.

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