Informatics (major: Information Technology Engineering),
Management, business and business economics,
Graphic design and visual communications,
Media and Communications,
Culture management - production
Basic academic studies last three (180 ECTS) or four years (240 ECTS).
All persons who have completed a four-year secondary school have the right to enroll at BLC.
High school diploma, certificates for all high school grades, birth certificate and two photographs.
Yes, a certified copy not older than six months.
Students who have completed high school abroad are required to have their diploma notarized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Srpska. Students who have completed secondary school in the Republic of Serbia do not have to have their diplomas certified (on the basis of the Agreement on mutual recognition of documents in education and regulation of status issues of pupils and students).
Yes. The student personally signs the Index, the Study Agreement and the Annex to the agreement specifying the number of monthly installments in which tuition is paid.
No. There is an Information and Aptitude Test which consists of a General Culture Test and an English Language Test and is done in the premises of BLC during the actual registration.
Školarina (za oba semestra) iznosi 2.550 KM i može se platiti u 12 mjesečnih rata ili kreditom preko poslovnih banaka.
Primjer pravilno popunjene uplatnice nalazi se ispod.
Školarinu, kao i ostale vrste uplata, studenti plaćaju u bankama na jedan od računa BLC-a.
Brojevi računa:
94106-9919300167 - PROCREDIT BANK
551001-00023343-34 - UNICREDIT BANK a.d. BANJA LUKA
555007-00215647-15 - NOVA BANKA
161045-0072430034 - RAIFFEISEN BANK dd
While studying at BLC, students do not pay for the issuance of certificates (for regulation of health insurance, transportation, etc.) as well as certificates of passed exams and graduation. The price of tuition includes all obligations that a student has from enrollment to graduation, which include enrollment materials, index, all necessary certificates and certificates, exam applications, exams, semester certifications, literature, extracurricular activities and graduation thesis.
Complete literature for all subjects is available at BLC and the student receives it completely free of charge. Literature in printed form is located in the library of BLC and the student takes it after enrolling in the study program, i.e. enrolling in the study year, and literature in electronic form is available in the course of each subject on the website as part of e-teaching and is available to all students.
The student can submit the application/requests in person at the Student Service or by e-mail: or
Yes. A student from another higher education institution, as well as a student who has completed higher education, can enroll/re-enroll to study at BLC. During the transfer, the ECTS points of previously passed exams are recognized in such a way as to recognize those exams from another higher education institution whose content and scope correspond to the subjects of the study program that the student enrolls at BLC. According to the completed recognition of ECTS points, enrollment in a specific year of study is approved and the differential exams that the student must pass are determined as a difference in subjects from the study program he enrolls in.
Školarina (za oba semestra) iznosi 2.750 KM i može se platiti u 12 mjesečnih rata ili kreditom preko poslovnih banaka.
If a student transfers from another higher education institution to one of BLC's study programs, it is necessary to submit a high school diploma, certificates for all high school grades, a birth certificate, two photographs, and an index and certificate of passed exams from the higher education institution. institution from which he transfers to BLC. If the student has previously completed high school or college, he must also bring a diploma from the higher school or college.
Yes, but passed exams are recognized and differential exams are determined from the study program to which one is transferring.
No, but it is possible to continue studying on a four-year study program after completing a three-year study.
Yes, BLC does not prohibit students from being employed, but it is understood that the student fulfills his obligations in a timely manner.
Da, Student koji upisuje obnovu studijske godine plaća administrativne troškove u iznosu od 300,00 KM i 50,00 KM po nepoloženom ispitu.
Student koji upisuje apsolventski staž plaća administrativne troškove u iznosu od 300,00 KM.
ECTS points (European Credit Transfer System) are numerical values determined for the subjects provided for in the study programs implemented at BLC. ECTS points are an expression of the quantitative amount of work necessary for successfully mastering each subject individually, in relation to the total quantitatively expressed work required to master a certain study program in the entire academic year of study. Each subject from the study program is expressed by the number of ECTS points.
The student has the right to enroll in the following academic year 2020/2021. year with the right to transfer a maximum of 15 ECTS points, regardless of how many subjects are expressed by the number of points that are transferred or with the right to transfer a maximum of two subjects, regardless of how many ECTS points those subjects are expressed with.
All exams in study programs at BLC are one-semester. The student takes the exam after finishing the class in that subject. This means that a student can take courses from the winter semester from the January-February exam period, and courses from the summer semester from the June-July exam period.
BLC organizes eight exam dates, determined by the academic calendar for a given academic year, which is available to students on the website. As part of the pre-determined exam deadlines, the exact schedule of appointments is also announced. Exam registration periods are also determined by the calendar.
Exams are registered through the BLC e-learning portal or in person in the exam sections. The exam registration period for all exam dates is determined in advance by the academic calendar.
Yes. At his request, the student may be granted suspension of rights and obligations in the event of a serious illness; referrals to professional practice for at least six months; child care up to one year of age; pregnancy maintenance; performing managerial functions in the student representative body and in other justified cases. When submitting a request for suspension of rights and obligations, the student is obliged to attach documentation as evidence for the approval of suspension status.
Student mobility implies completing a part of the study program (one or more semesters) at a foreign university. The advantages of students who spent part of their education on mobility are multiple. In addition to acquiring academic competencies, making new acquaintances and getting to know the cultures of other countries, students learn a foreign language, gain new experiences and have greater opportunities for employment in the country and abroad.
The Erasmus+ program enables a scholarship-based stay and study at one of the higher education institutions as part of a student exchange at all levels of study (basic, master's, doctoral). Mobility lasts one or two semesters. During mobility, students attend lectures and take exams that will be recognized upon their return to BLC.
The graduation ceremony is held at BLC twice a year, in May and October. Notifications about all the necessary information for the graduation ceremony are published in a timely manner (in April and September) on the first page of the BLC website.


When filling out the payment form, we ask students to specify the index number (it does not apply to students who have not yet received an index) and unique ID number, so that the payments are recorded in our financial records.

An example of a correctly completed payment slip

Giro account numbers







Formular za prijavu ispita


In more detail


(for the implementation of the teaching process)

Teaching coordinator

Prof. Dr. Svetlana Dušanić Gačić

Students of all years of study, for information related to classes, exam deadlines, questions about the information package, certificates of passed exams for registering the thesis and other current questions about classes, can contact prof. Svetlana Dušanić Gačić.

Coordinator for Informatics

Dragan Pejić, MSc

Students on the Informatics study program can contact Dragan Pejić, MSc, for all information related to information packages, differential subjects and other ongoing questions within the course.

Application for the issuance of a diploma

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