BLC pays attention to the development of scientific research, professional and artistic work, publishing publications that are the result of such work, and especially publishing textbooks and other teaching literature necessary for successful studies.
The process of publishing books and textbooks is carried out in a regulated manner, meeting standards, and special attention is paid to their promotion. The procedure for publishing books and textbooks is regulated by the Rulebook on publishing activities and textbooks.
Since its establishment in 2005, BLC has published dozens of books and textbooks.
Publishing activity includes business activities within the scope of BLC's activities. The basic goals of the publishing activity are: to encourage writing and enable the publication of teaching materials in order to modernize teaching and meet the needs of students for literature, to enable the development of science and the profession through the publication of textbooks and other books, and thus at the same time to support teachers and associates to meet the requirements for selection or re-selection to the academic title, adequately present the activities of BLC in front of higher education institutions within the framework of international and internal cooperation, which includes the mutual exchange of books, textbooks and magazines.
BLC regularly presents its editions of books and textbooks, through press conferences, book promotions in which, in addition to authors, reviewers also participate, and every year it exhibits its editions at book fairs in Belgrade and Banja Luka. In addition to the above, BLC publications are presented on the BLC website - and thus always available to teaching staff, students and other interested parties.
BLC publications are quality titles in the fields of theoretical economics, business law, electronic business, banking, management, informatics and other complementary scientific fields.

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