Scientific research organization - Research Center "Banja Luka College" carries out scientific research work through the creation of scientific research projects that create scientific references, gain the necessary experience and provide material prerequisites for the further development of the Center. Scientific research projects and programs, polyvalently conceived and organized in phases, are based on the professionalism, quality and responsibility of each individual and the Center as a whole, and are implemented through: scientific research, scientific and professional verification of results, education, training, innovation and knowledge transfer, organizing scientific and professional conferences of national and international importance, scientific and professional consultations, publication of publications and studies in the field of research, publication of scientific and scientific works in international and national anthologies and magazines, promotion and engagement of young researchers, application of theoretical and empirical results in practice.

Areas of research:

  • Social Sciences
  • Theoretical economics and management
  • Legal sciences
  • Mathematical-statistical and informatics sciences
  • Computer graphics and graphic design
  • Social phenomena
  • Humanities
  • Natural and technical sciences
  • Communication science
  • Economic trends
  • Improvement and retraining of personnel for the needs of the market
  • Education of professional and academic profiles
  • Publishing activity

The center also implements the following activities:
Establishing and continuing cooperation with other institutes and institutions, especially with universities in the Republic of Srpska, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the countries of the region, Europe and beyond in order to jointly implement scientific research projects and expand scientific and professional cooperation.
Referral of postgraduate students to advanced training in established scientific and educational institutions in the country and abroad, for scientific areas of the University's activities, and training of the School's young researchers for future independent scientific research work.
Expanding cooperation with business entities in the field of providing scientific and professional services and implementing joint projects.
Procurement of scientific and professional books, magazines and other periodicals for the library of the Center and the School.
Participation in dynamic changes in the market of services and knowledge in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European educational space and beyond.