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    What else do you get by enrolling in BLC?

    BLC has been confirmed as a quality faculty that enables the professional success and career of students. It provides a wide range of opportunities for those who believe in their intellectual abilities and want to develop an individual learning style, acquire traditional and modern knowledge and skills, immediately applicable in practice! 

    BLC has the so-called hybrid way of teaching. Classes and extracurricular activities take place in the premises of the faculty, partner organizations and companies, but through an online platform.  

    The BLC website is designed to enable direct and continuous communication between students and teachers, as well as interaction between students and administrative staff. On the website, students can learn about everything that happens at BLC. 

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    Banja Luka College

    Banja Luka College is an accredited, higher education institution of academic studies, which offers advanced knowledge, which enables a competitive advantage on the BiH market and abroad.

    Each student is given the opportunity to acquire knowledge in areas that enable him to work in a dynamic business environment, and the goal is for graduates to possess: expertise, independence, commitment, quality and self-awareness.

    Combining different study methods enables better adaptation to the wishes and abilities of students and enables the acquisition of a wide range of competencies for the most successful building of a business career.

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    BLC students, in addition to, up to now, within the BLC website, available fully formed subjects on E-LESSON, have been able to follow lectures in the subjects they have in full capacity, consult with subject professors and get all necessary information related to the teaching process and through the Microsoft Teams platform.