BLC pays great attention to the development of international scientific cooperation, investing significant efforts in the work of the Center for International Cooperation. The international presence of BLC - a is noticeable in the domain of inter-institutional cooperation and mobility of staff and students.  

The activities of the Center for International Cooperation include the organization of summer schools, the mobility of students and staff with partner universities, the recognition of foreign higher education documents, as well as the organization of seminars and lectures by distinguished professors from abroad.  

Internationalization is the process of implementing international and intercultural .

elements in teaching, research and accompanying activities in order to more fully include BLC in regional, European and global flows in the field of science, higher education and knowledge transfer. 

Internationalization is a two-way process. It consists, on the one hand, in knowing and voluntarily accepting other people's values, standards and achievements, and on the other hand, in presenting one's own system of values and results in various fields and in creating the conditions for them to be recognized and accepted abroad. 

Internationalization is achieved through scientific and educational interaction. In such circumstances, strategic orientations should be clearly defined and a balance should be established between the need to appropriately include BLC in contemporary trends and the need to realize other interests of the academic community and society as a whole. 

BLC is also distinguished by the fact that it concluded an agreement with the international network Ceeman. What BLC gets by membership in the global management development network CEEMAN – Central and East European Management Development Association are rights and benefits such as: participation in international educational programs and conferences, establishment of international collaborations, obtaining accreditations for study programs. In addition, BLC concluded seven contracts with the Communications Directorate of the Publishing Unit of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. 


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