Description of the course

Description of the course

By studying in the Informatics program, students acquire general and specific professional knowledge in the field of information technologies.

The purpose of the education of students on the Informatics program is to acquire professional and practical knowledge in computer science and knowledge of modern information technologies; application of modern information technologies in solving practical problems; to understand contemporary developments in the field of informatics and be capable of using professional literature and modern information and communication technologies in acquiring knowledge, i.e. further independent improvement

Students in the Informatics program are responsible for selecting hardware and software products according to the organization's needs, integrating these products into the system, and installing, customizing, and maintaining applications (software systems) used by employees. They do the work that any organization that uses computers needs to do.

Students are educated for the jobs of computer operators, business application programmers, database administrators and organizers, organizers, administrators and designers of information systems. Integrated knowledge of business economics and information and communication technologies make him competent for other more complex jobs in business systems and the public sector.

The study program provides a broad theoretical and practical basis from the theoretical and algorithmic foundations of informatics to the application of information technologies in various fields. Competencies of students are: installation, use and maintenance of personal computers, use of appropriate software tools, programming in procedural and logical (non-procedural), structured and object-oriented programming environment, understanding of principles, creation and maintenance of small databases, design and calculation of basic digital circuits, designing and maintaining Internet presentations, understanding the functioning and application of computer networks, understanding the functioning, installation and work with operating systems, forms and applications of electronic business, creation and application of multimedia content, creation and adaptation of business applications.

Students who complete the Informatics study program can perform the following jobs: computer hardware administrator, computer network administrator, database analyst, database administrator, system administrator.

After completing the three-year study, the student acquires the title of Graduated Informatics - 180 ECTS credits.

Upon completion of basic academic studies in the Informatics program, students have the opportunity to continue their studies on four-year studies and obtain 240 ECTS credits.

Course details

  • Curriculum 1
  • Semester 0
  • Case number
  • ECTS points All levels
  • Semester 6
  • Group 0
  • Teachers Yes



Responsible professor for the course

Responsible professor for the course
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