Prof. Dr. Nenad Novaković

Culture management

Born on November 6, 1960. in Gornji Vijačani, SO Prnjavor, where he graduated
primary schooling. After finishing high school in Banja Luka, he went to Pristina as part of an inter-republic exchange of students and graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Yugoslav Literature and Serbo-Croatian Language. The master's thesis was defended at the Faculty of Management in Novi Sad on the topic "The fate of the traditional book in the age of digitization". At the same faculty at ALFA University in Belgrade, the doctoral thesis was defended on the topic: "Position of cultural institutions in societies in transition". Long-term active worker and creator of cultural events in the Republic of Srpska. The initiator and organizer of the first fairs in the Republika Srpska in the nineties, and particularly proud of: Book Fair, First Film Festival of the RS in 1997, Tourism Fair, Construction Fair, INOST, Food and Beverage Fair, MEDIKOS, Medicine and Cosmetics Fair. Organizer and initiator of the first Mini Book Fair in BiH cities and organizer of more than 250 different book promotions and other cultural events. Editor and arranger of more than 700 titles of various books. Some of the recognitions: the Golden Badge of the Cultural and Educational Community of Serbia for outstanding work in culture, the "Nikola Tesla" medal of the German magazine "New Dimension in Science" and the IVAS "Art of Image" magazine, the Charter of the City of Banja Luka for outstanding work in culture, the Charter of the University in Banja Luka for "special merit in the work and development of the University", the "Miholjdan Charter" "for an exceptional contribution to the development and affirmation of culture in the Celina region", the October Memorial in 1991 "for a great contribution to the creation of the Republic of Srpska", the recognition of the "Voice of Srpska" , Open Book "for services to the establishment of the Book Fair in Banja Luka in 1996, sir", Charter "for outstanding contribution to the First Theater Festival of the Balakan cultural space "Theatre at the Crossroads" of the National Theater from Nis,... Father of two sons, Nikola and Danilo, and grandson Aleksej . Wife Vesna is a doctor-sub-specialist at the KBC Pediatric Clinic in Banja Luka. Active pilot and associate professor at Banja Luka College and Faculty of Media and Communications, IUT. Selection for a title in the field of management in culture and media. Lecturer on the subjects Research Methods and Techniques, Language in Contemporary Communications, Communication Skills, Press Technique and Technology, Media Literacy and Culture, and Management in Culture and Art...



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